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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Some associated Marvel literature (I believe it was a trading card series) admitted that Avengers 1 had a budget of $300 M. Forbes also reported a total budget of $475 M for production and marketing (Likely $300 M for the film and rest for marketing.)

But yes, I imagine Marvel will only admit to a quarter billion budget.
I strongly suspect that both those reports were mixing up two separate errors: the reason the production budget and the "actual" budget are somewhat different, is because the production budget doesn't include marketing costs. However, there's actually a good reason for this: a *lot* of marketing costs are more virtual than real. For example, when a fast food chain makes a deal with you to include movie tie-in promotions, its very likely that no actual *money* changes hands. Instead, the movie studio "pays" the fast food company in "license to use our trademark imagery" ( which has a theoretical monetary value ), and the fast food company "pays" the movie studio in "advertising".

So, long story short: I don't believe for a minute that Disney actually paid almost 500M to make and sell Avengers. 300M, I'd believe easily, if you figure actual marketing costs rather than de jure marketing costs ( ie, marketing that actually costs real dollars, paid to an independent entity and not another Disney division ).

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