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Default Re: Batman Forever had the best merchandising of ALL the Batman films

old thread bumping, i know, but im glad this is still here! i also wanted to add this little beauty i had as a kid from the film as well. the movie had some really nice pieces attached to it, especially this armitron watch my mom got my 7 year old self:

this thing was gorgeus! and it still is. the only problem is i lost the watch and to this day im still upset at myself! i even had the coffin watch container with the little Forevert symbol. the watch numbers and batsignal even glew in the dark! it was just a great watch. i would love to rebuy it for old times sake from ebay but they still go for quite a bit. sure is tempting though!

also why the hell does everyone think the schumacher movies were just about selling toys and stuff? did you watch the film? there was alot of depth there woth bruce wayne and trying to reconile him with his alter ego. the deleted scenes are further proof of this.

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