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Originally Posted by Know One View Post

Glad I had a comment on this - any comment is a good comment.
Would you believe I'm not FB? I swear - although it might change in the future.
If the guy who made this is a douche and wouldn't accept criticism - it doesn't show in the movie. But...I will agree it's not a good thing. "Critics show us the error of our ways" or something like that said by Ben Franklin and repeated in one of the Smallville shows.
The movie (is it a movie - it's a fan movie with no budget or so) departs from (probably) too many traditional stuff. But they have a wink to almost all characters (except Jimmy maybe - if memory serves). The credits in space, the music - it's all innocent fun.
I think the "boring" stuff would stem from the fact that they don't have money to afford much. For example, if Kal-El still have super-speed, why doesn't he use it in the parking lot to fight the 3-5 thugs? And there are a few plot holes - at the end - Lex jr knows who Superman would also be the case with a ton of people in Smallville.
Like I said, if they'd put some muscle padding in the suit and with more money had more super-heroics - it might have come up as a something nice.
The creators should have done something different with their money, the thing s I know it's hard to make a fan film interesting but that's why the best ones have been short. It's hard to take fan films seriously.



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