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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
That sounds totally contrary to what snyder says they are trying to do with MOS.

He says they are presenting a more grounded superman so in one movie you go from a world reacting to a man more powerful than anything they could imagine to that super-powerful man actually not being powerful enough and needing backup?
On the other hand, Snyder is staying tight-lipped on questions about MOS sequels and about JL. The phrase "getting his [Superman's] house in order" could mean several things. But I'm positive WB has discussed both sequels to MOS and using Cavill's Superman in a theoretical JL film with Snyder.

You guys forget that actors like Cavill (and most of the MOS cast) are contracted with the studio, and not who is directing the film per se. If WB decides to pull the trigger on a JL film, they'll enforce those options on which cast members they want in the film. Same thing with the GL cast if they decide to keep the original actors too.

This JL film happens, Cavill will be involved. Period. WB won't want to confuse audience members by casting a different actor for the JL Superman.

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