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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
I was figuring in DVD sales and foreign box office and TV licensing and such. You're actually wrong on the other 5 not making 2 billion, the numbers add up to at least that. Those are just grosses, though, that's true.

My main point was not that Star Wars isn't more valuable in the long run than X-Men and Fantastic Four. It's that X-Men and Fantastic Four are worth way more than 4 billion dollars in the long-run. They are hardly going to be bought for 4 billion dollars. The only reason it was possible is Lucas is a single person to whom 4 billion dollars is more money than can be spent in a lifetime. If a corporation had owned Star Wars it would never have sold for 4 billion dollars.

The X-Franchise has only made $1.89 billion worldwide, over five films. The FF films brought in $619 million. In contrast, Marvel's Avengers franchise has score $3.8 billion worldwide for six films. Star Wars has earned $4.53 billion for its six films and the various re-releases and special editions. (Figures from

Beyond the box office numbers, one has to consider the profit potential of the merchandising that flows from these properties. Star Wars merchandising is a ticket to print money. Disney probably saw a lot of untapped potential there that made their moths water. With the combination of films, cartoons, future TV series, theme parks, toys and games, Star Wars will earn Disney many times what the company spent to acquire it.

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