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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post

That sounds totally contrary to what snyder says they are trying to do with MOS.

He says they are presenting a more grounded superman so in one movie you go from a world reacting to a man more powerful than anything they could imagine to that super-powerful man actually not being powerful enough and needing backup?

I say keep things separate for now, it will just hurt what MOS had in mind.
I don't see that as necessarily true. ESPECIALLY if Superman is more grounded, he'll realize he needs help.

I'm not saying build the MOS story around setting up JL. Really just a scene or line at the end referencing other heroes, or even just the broad idea of a team up, would do the trick.

World says, "Holy cow, this guy can do anything." Supes says to himself, "Holy cow, I barely got out of that one. I wonder what I'll do next time?" More grounded, right? Really, you kind of made the argument for me.

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