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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Sun_Down View Post
I don't see that as necessarily true. ESPECIALLY if Superman is more grounded, he'll realize he needs help.

I'm not saying build the MOS story around setting up JL. Really just a scene or line at the end referencing other heroes, or even just the broad idea of a team up, would do the trick.

World says, "Holy cow, this guy can do anything." Supes says to himself, "Holy cow, I barely got out of that one. I wonder what I'll do next time?" More grounded, right? Really, you kind of made the argument for me.
No, grounded in the senses that this is the story of one man and his effect on the world and the world's effect on him. I think something like the avengers or JL is the opposite of what this movie is trying to be about.

I mean just take a look at the teaser for MOS to get a sense. If they want to use cavill for JL that's fine that's their business but again shoehorning in some JL mention into Snyder's work last minute seems cheap and if WB has/had more respect for snyder they wouldn't think of it.

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