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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
The X-Franchise has only made $1.89 billion worldwide, over five films. The FF films brought in $619 million. In contrast, Marvel's Avengers franchise has score $3.8 billion worldwide for six films. Star Wars has earned $4.53 billion for its six films and the various re-releases and special editions. (Figures from

Beyond the box office numbers, one has to consider the profit potential of the merchandising that flows from these properties. Star Wars merchandising is a ticket to print money. Disney probably saw a lot of untapped potential there that made their moths water. With the combination of films, cartoons, future TV series, theme parks, toys and games, Star Wars will earn Disney many times what the company spent to acquire it.
You guys seem to really be missing my argument. Like that entire second paragraph there is pointless. It has nothing to do with what I'm saying, except maybe to illustrate my point?

Fox is not going to give one of their biggest competitors two tent-pole franchises for 4 billion dollars. It's not going to happen. The argument has nothing to do with the value of Star Wars to Disney. It has to do with the value of X-Men and Fantastic Four to Fox. They have potential profit-making possibilities far in excess of 4 billion, much like Star Wars has potential profit-making possibilities far in excess of 4 billion.

This is assuming that Fox is in good financial shape, of course. 4 billion today might mean more to them than 15 billion over twenty years or something.

It's also assuming the ability to parlay the X-Men franchise or Fantastic Four franchise into the same money-making franchise as the Avengers and its various franchises. Clearly it is POSSIBLE to do. Your scenario would presume that Disney is willing to spend 4 billion dollars on the two franchises with plans to make far more than that with them, right? So the franchises have the potential to be money-makers the same as the Avengers. The only thing is that Fox has failed to do so with far.

It is far more likely that they will hedge on being able to create similarly successful films with the two franchises and make money in the same way Disney has, not that they will sell them for a quick cash influx.

EDIT: Let me put it this way--this thread makes the comparison that the two franchises, X-Men and Fantastic Four, combined together, are of the same potential value as Star Wars. So either that is devaluing Star Wars or simply making a comparison of two things of equal worth. So which side of the coin are you guys coming from? If you think it is devaluing Star Wars to compare its value to X-Men+Fantastic Four we basically agree that Disney will not buy X-Men and Fantastic Four, if for different reasons, so let's let it rest at that.

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