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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Bolt
Real Name: Unknown (Says he never wants anyone to know who he was before coming to the institute)
Age: 17
Height: 5" 11'
Weight: 180 lbs
Race: Black
Eye Color: White (Both Iris and Sclera)
Hair Color: Black (kept so short he might as well not have hair at all)

Physical Description: Well defined, slimly sculpted physique as a side effect of his powers (below)

Power: Generates Electricity, capable of absorbing moderate amounts of electricity but can't be maintained for extended periods of time. Capable of running at super-speed by running on top of his electricity similar to how electricity travels through wires. Electricity generated while powerful in its own right is lacking in discharge thus Bolt resorts to coming up with alternative methods (Techniques) to give his power that certain oomph.

Origin: Bolt is runaway, initially from St. Louis, MO. When he younger he was picked on by his schoolmates and felt he never, "Fit In". One day at the age of 14, while cornered in an alley on the wrong side of a "Beat down" by some local punks. Electricity from wires and and apartment building began to arc and strike around all who were present until heading straight for bolt. Lifted into the air while gigawatt after gigawatt surged thru bolt's eyes and burned the color out of his iris's bolt full mutant gene awakened resulting in an electromagnetic tremor that left the other younglings unconscious. Rising to his feet bolt attempted to run and found himself moving at incredible, faster than he had ever gone in his life up until that moment. Realizing he didn't have to continue living as he had bolt returned home before his emotionally and physically distant parents and siblings and packed a bag and "Bolted", and cast off all ties to his past including his very name. Spending the next two years traveling and stealing whatever he needs from store and whatnot, Bolt gains the attention of the MRD. Since that fateful Bolt has refused to run from any challenge both human and mutant alike no matter the consequence, which does not play well in his favor, seeing as the MRD are more accustomed to dealing with stronger more well trained adversaries with the use of weapons and sheer numbers. Luckily police respond to his location off a tip from bystanders that a child was being chased by shady characters giving him time to escape. Mentally and Physically exhausted and defeated, bolt seeks out the x-men whom he's heard so much about during his travels. Now a resident of the Xavier Institute, Bolt attends class with other fellow mutant that he keeps distance from at all times saying they'll just dull his edge. Storm is his mentor teaching him to not only hone his incredible power but also learn to lower his defenses and learn to trust again. Currently all attempts have been met with failure as bolt still refuses to even tell her or anyone else his name. During his first week as a student as the institute Bolt had to be confined to separate quarters after attempting to "Fry" Emma Frost for attempting to say his birth name.
Teacher: Storm

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