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Hello again,

It is true that Superman requires a lot of money - heat vision, flying and you know the whole routine. You also need good money to hire a good writer(s) to write all of this in and make it coherent. And then again - is the public ripe and what other movies are coming out at the same time. I love, adore - Superman is my fave character of all time but...I'd have a tough time writing something "epic" (as Donner has done).
Superman is not just the run of the mill character - it's a love story with his gazillion of fans.
I don't think it's "impossible" to do a fan film on him because...I don't believe in "impossible"'s highly improbable. But, I've seen stranger in my life.
The producer (sorry don't have the name) of Superman Requiem was obviously a fan of Donner's work and wanted to "extend" the series. I think he succeeded within the confines of what he had - you can watch that movie and say "ok, it's a new face but, it's the Fortress that I know of, it's the way Superman/Clark switch hair, same suit, ect...). However, the movie bombs if you take the previous entries and put it on par. Except maybe flying fx compared with SIV. De powering of Superman is an homage (call it a rip-off - I won't be offended or anything) to the original movies or in my opinion, mostly a cost-cutting effective way. In any case, I also agree with you that there is way too much talk in there by depowered Superman. If this movie had come up in 1960 - it would've been a hit. In 2012...meh...we are too used to having a big revelation-climactic moment every 5 minutes.
I'm very happy that we could revisit one more time the crystal Fortress and so on. Because now that Kidder is 65, Reeve gone, Routh is not coming back and Crowe dressed as Sir Lancelot - we all know it's over. There won't even be a Williams glint in the movie (which I agree because it's a reboot) and I think that it's best they built their own mythology and not have any of the old actors have a cameo (i.e. Smallville who would have tons of them, SR had Larson and Neil, Cain's version, even STM had Neil and Alyn). I do understand that sometimes there are so many knots to unravel that it's better to take the scissors and cut everything but it still stings.
Sorry got carried away.
Superman Requiem was a nice little jewel who could be inserted in a future Superman dvd extra and give compensation for the people who worked on it (although it will never happen). People on the internet have been too mean - and has Reeve once said about SIV - instead of criticizing it, he should do something about it and that was to come up with a story that HE would like. And then, we got SIV who was the weakest but who gave us one last cast reunion. So, maybe Superman Requiem was the after shadow of the Superman movies?

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