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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I think anything shown in Odin's vault is going to be easily recognized by the audience as being powerful and dangerous whether back story is told prior or not. So without saying much, if anything, about it I think the audience would get it that it's a bad thing, if someone were to go in there and steal that (or anything else in the vault)
My point is that the IG is so asscociated with Thanos, that it would be sorta pointless to have him take it now. Especially since the GA only knows he is an alien who smiled at the idea of courting death.

By back story, I meant more so of Thanos, and his motives for it, mostly Thanos. By the time Thanos gets the IG in Thor (personally I don't think he will) but if he does, he still won't be known about, won't have a history of his character until Guardians of the Galaxy. With Thanos and the IG being so tightly wound, I just don't see Thanos getting it, without Thanos getting a proper introduction. So far we seen him in one movie, a cameo. Then the next time we see him is another cameo of him stealing this glove, and the audience still doesn't even know who he is.

I think Thanos should have a back story first, an introduction before taking the IG

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