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Default Re: The Zachary Levi/Fandral thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I'm not gunna lie. I prefer Josh Dallas, in terms of appearance so far, he looked just like Fandral.

Now maybe it's just me. But after seeing Zach posting all these pictures of himself, It's kinda making me like, i don't know, almost like he's not taking it seriously? I know that's not the case. But that's how it appears ? Cause of this, I really am not liking him as Fandral too much, I guess we will see soon.

I still prefer Dallas

you think they will fix his goatee, and the hair? I mean I look at this, and I don't see all.

I look at this..

and I see Fandral

the hair, the goatee, his face. He looks like fandral
I think it's just you. Of course he's taking it seriously - who do you think he is - Stuart Townsend?

Personally, I just think we're seeng the guys affable personality shining through in the behind-the-scenes stuff and that the guys just super-exited at getting the role and being part of such a massive Hollywood movie. I know you obviously cant get over Dallas not returning but really, it was his choice not to return and someones gotta step in. Levi may just surprise you.

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