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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Exactly, and that says a lot since what we're essentially looking at is still a story about a human being who takes it on himself to become a superhuman; that aspect of finding the human beginnings of a myth and then jumping straight into the symbolic larger-than-life drama as well, that just made it so much more better than a typical origin story.

One other thing I absolutely LOVE about Begins is how they used Ra's and Batman as mentor and pupil. That relationship was just amazing -- added bonus for that line where Bruce is in prison and they're essentially talking about becoming superheroes and crime-fighters (note: without sounding like its a damned Saturday Morning pass-time) and Bruce just laughs in his face when he mentions "True Justice."


And then:

"No a vigilante is someone who is lost in the scramble for his own gratification, he can be locked up." Ra's looks around.

The reason is that this is pretty much what Batman is mostly represented in the media and who he was in Burton's films. The "Vengeance" or "Night" even though time and again in both the comics and the animated adaptations Bruce corrects how he'd never put the ends before the means and make it out to be some sort of self-indulgent tragedy.

Which speaks a lot -- tragedy, depression, hatred, rage -- those are things you don't like but the more you think about them the more you indulge in self-pity and just use that to justify all your actions. To a large extent, that's always been what the villains in this trilogy represented and what Bruce has always been close to becoming, but managed to save himself from it through his convictions.

At the same time, does anything think that Batman Begins was probably when we've seen Bruce the most optimistic?


THE JUSTICE BULLETIN published some of my thematic analysis on the symbolism in Nolan's superhero saga.
I call it Heroic Archetypes. You can read the parts on Batman Begins in the following links:
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