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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Is NOT Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel - Part 1

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
I totally disagree. The music feels much more current-day and youthful and not really 1960s. But it WORKS, it's one of the major reasons the movie felt fresh. When you stick to classical composers for superhero movies it kind of feels repetitive because none of them really stand out against the other. Honestly before FC the only superhero film melody I could remember was Danny Elfman's Spider-Man, and I'm not sure that it was a good thing.
Alot of it does sound modern and like weve been discussing there is some modern electronic elements. Which is awesome. But theres alot of 60s spy sounding guitar in there. Theres elements of both. It felt in tune with the time period to me while sounding fresh.

Im not really that big on the rest of the soundtrack, besides Mags theme. But after watching the film so many times its grown on me a bit more. Still not sold on the electric guitar in other parts of the score. Unless they drop some heavier guitar riffs, going more electronic makes sense to me with the modern/Future scenes of the franchise. Playing Fassbenders Mags theme the way it is with Older Magneto might not fit as well. It should be used, but retooled a bit imo. Really dont know how well the guitar would work with Ian Mckellen on screen.

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