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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by #1nolanfan View Post
That's a good point. But again I think that shows you how much he idealize his future with her, and when she died, he never tried moving on because he thought they would eventually be together if she was still alive. I don't think he ever realizes this until Alfred finally tells him the truth about Rachel's letter. I agree that no woman in this trilogy ever got to him as much as Rachel yet, but I don't think that really means he had the deepest connection with her besides knowing her the longest, and I definitely think no woman ever impressed him more than Selina seemed to .
Dunno if I'd say Selina impressed him the most. He was always saying he thought there was more to her than what she showed, even though she betrayed him to Bane.

Yup agreed that finding out about Rachel's letter was the boot up the ass to make Bruce get over his hang up on losing his one chance for a normal life.

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