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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Just because a movie doesn't have the number/word "4/Four" in it doesn't mean it isn't a fourth movie...

The X-Men series already has four films, in sequence, period. XMOW doesn't count because it's a Wolverine solo movie (the same way that IM or Thor or Hulk or Cap movies don't count towards the Avengers total, and vice versa); but between the Singer/Ratner movies and XMFC, there's definitely four movies for the franchise already.

Here's a better explanation, and one that is more generally accepted by fandom (and even, IIRC, Hugh Jackman himself): the Wolverine solo movies aren't in canon.

(As far as trying to compare film canon to comics canon: shyeah, good luck with that. Singer already ****ed all that up looooong before XMFC made Alex predate Scott.)
He not only predates Scott in First Class, he's probably at least 20 something years old when Scott is born, unless I'm reading Cyclops as younger than he was supposed to be in the early X-Men movies or reading Havok as older in First Class than he is supposed to be...anyway, I guess you're right that nothing in First Class necessarily contradicts anything we know just from X-Men 1-3. But, still, it's a prequel. I think we're looking for the third sequel/fourth movie in a chronological sequence. And it will probably indeed be Iron Man 4.

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