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Default Re: The Official Christopher Reeve as Superman Appreciation Thread


I'm 46 today and I believe I may have been like 6 or 7 when I first "met" Superman on a used comic stand. So that makes me a fan for like 40 years... It's incredible - I have surpassed Superman's age (he's always for KC and some other imaginary stories - now called ElseWorlds).
Nothing will ever change what Superman has meant/means to me but...
In these latter years - I ABSOLUTELY love Somewhere In Time. A beautiful tale of love with a beautiful soundtrack. Driven by love - Reeve still had his kindness and in my little mind - sometimes I feel that this is a Superman imaginary story or a Superman ElseWorlds story where he is in the past with no powers and falls in love - and that superpower or no superpowers it is always love that wins in the end...just like Christopher Reeve in real life who was full of love till the end... Superman is my hero but I think that Superman's hero is Christopher Reeve...

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