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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
You guys seem to really be missing my argument. Like that entire second paragraph there is pointless. It has nothing to do with what I'm saying, except maybe to illustrate my point?

Fox is not going to give one of their biggest competitors two tent-pole franchises for 4 billion dollars. It's not going to happen.
If you haven't noticed by now. The people at Disney have proven the power to "make things happen".

It was no coincidence that Mark Millar started his little song and dance on the very same day that Daredevil's movie rights reverted. He did it to appease Fox's share holders/News Corp/etc. Thrust me, he was talking to them just as much as he was the "General Audience" since losing DD rights was a huge loss.

So just because they "don't want to hand over the rights" doesn't mean they won't. Disney could put pieces into play that could make releasing a FF movie rather difficult. (See Hobbit 3) Which would make spending 150 mill on a reboot unrealistic.

And thus selling the rights back to Marvel for a hansom fee vs just letting them revert back like DD did.

Plus you don't seem to be aware of how desperate Marvel was when they licensed the rights to Fox in the first place. People say pay FOX homage for giving comic book films a change but it was to my understanding that Avi Arad had to practically beg them and in doing so Fox and Sony saw blood in the water and capitalized on it considerably via a 90/10 split in box office revenues. (Actually more like 93/7% before renegotiations where made)

So turnabout would be fair play now wouldn't it....?

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