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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
Believe what you want but Bane was most certainly in his mid 50's.
Give us your proof if it's so certain.

For all we know,Bruce was only the greatest student because of his obedience to Ducard as opposed to Bane who was hitting on his daughter.That statement is ambiguous and Bane did'nt even exist when BB came out.It means nothing and that's not how fights work,infact no skill works like the way you're making it look like.
A>B>C does'nt mean A>C.
What kind of ninja master trainer calls someone his greatest student just because they do as they're told and not because they are the best fighters? Did ya think Ra's would have wanted Bruce to lead his men if he wasn't the best or be standing by his side saving the world?

Yeah your argument makes no sense mon ami. Greatest student means greatest student. There's no double meaning.

I've said it before,Bruce's so called injuries did not hinder his performance.
Yeah that's why the Doc said he couldn't go skiing. If he is not fit to ski then do ya think he's fit to be fighting big muscle men terrorists?

Can you actually show evidence of him struggling? or performing worse than he did in BB and TDK? Nope.
Yeah I can see him struggling. He's pounding on Bane and he's not getting anywhere. He even roars in frustration twice during the fight. He was whupped.

All you guys can go by is OMG his leg is effed up(which kicked down bricks,a better showing of strength than anything he did in BB and TDKR)
Legs. Both legs. Doc said there was no cartilage in them.

Bane wrecked him the recent TDK series(which is terrible but still)
What TDK series?

he also barely lost in Legacy.
But he still lost.

On topic,the rules are the same.Bane has a glaring weakness,if Bruce exploits it then he wins does'nt matter if it's BB or TDK or TDKR.
Yeah cos it was so easy to get at that weakness wasn't it. Not.

But Bruce cannot win in a straight up fight,Bane's strength,reflexes and brutality are unmatchable in the Nolanverse,unless you can show me some other character that happened to break cuffs,punch through concrete,choke a man to death with one hand,snap an armored man's back over his knee etc
Batman never went to any of those extremes cos he doesn't kill people. When did ya see him needing to choke someone to death or put his fist through concrete or break out of handcuffs? If he had to you can bet he could have done any of that.

BB Batman was a rookie,Bane at that point(9 and a half years ago) was not only in a better physical shape but he was also seasoned/experienced.Batman would have done worse than he did in TDKR
Ehhhh no. Being 8 years younger, fresh out of the LOS training school, and with no screwed up injured body, he's have had a much easier time on Bane than he did in Rises. Easily.

In TDK Bruce never had a proper physical threat,how well he'd have done is almost impossible to determine.
It's not. TDK was only a few months after Begins. I told ya before, if he can take down Ra's on the train in a fair fight, and he's like the master trainer of the LOS, then what is Bane gonna do? Yeah get whupped like he did at the end of Rises. He knew he was whupped because he was gonna shoot a tied up Batman with a gun like the coward he is.

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