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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
The proof is right there,Bane was much older than Talia who's roughly about the same age as Bruce.If Bruce was in his late 30's then Bane was in his mid 50's
What do ya mean he looked much older? He looked like he could be in his 20's in that very quick face shot in the pit. That ain't proof ya gave. That's just another opinion.

There you go making everything seem so simple,here let me rephrase it"Bane was hitting on his daughter and Ra's loathed him for it" how about that scene where Ra's lowers his head? Ra's disapproved of Bane right from the start,for reasons only known to him and apart from Bane there was'nt a single non fodder member of the League in this particular incarnation.
In the land of the blind even the one eyed man is king.
How do ya know Bane was hitting on her? Talia said he loved her. That doesn't imply romantic love. He loved her like a protector. A paternal thing. The thing Ra's wasn't when Talia and his missus were stuck in that pit. That's why Ra's disliked Bane cos he reminded him of that. Talia said so.

So I says to you again when Ra's said Bruce was the greatest student he ever had, he was the greatest student he ever had. Simple. No catch.

Who cares what the doc said?
Everyone who places a medical professional's opinion about the human body over a Bane fan's.

he clotheslined Bane's goon from a moving motorcycle punched through anothers helmet
One clothes line and one punch. Whoop dee doo. What a show of strength.

he destroyed all those mercs twice before fighting Bane.
Ehh no he didn't. First time he had help with Selina fighting with him and they didn't even win cos they were scared off by gun shots.

There was no second time before Bane broke him.

He's struggling against someone who he's never faced before,you keep using Bane as an example to show Batman's weakness? seriously.Where exactly before in this series did Bruce actually defeat a fighter of Bane's caliber?
I know. Thanks for proving my point. He never did and he never did any fighting while his body was physically wrecked and out of shape after 8 years of doing nothing, and so bad that medical science said he shouldn't even go skiing.


he lost to Ra's(the only other noteworthy fighter).
No he didn't. He beat Ra's and Ra's dared him to kill him.

This argument is meaningless,you're using Bane as a measuring stick against Bane himself.
What are ya talking about?

The Dark Knight series by David Finch
Oh ya mean the new 52 Bane that is using a new version of venom that makes him even stronger and also makes him smarter as well?

He lost because he was on the receiving end of an explosion that levelled the building,and he was without venom.But still dominated most of the fight.

Bane was not injured from any explosion, and he was not winning for most of the fight. He just got an upper hand at the end and Batman cleaned his clock.

Seemed pretty easy to me.
If it was so easy then he would have done it in the first fight.

Bruce never displayed that level of strength period and neither did anyone else,pretty sure he was screaming when forced to pull Ra's with one hand,Bane lifted Batman from his throat with one hand and walked around.
Bruce never had to display that kind of strength before and he was screaming pulling up Ra's cos he was just blown out of the LOS lair, fell down a hill, and then had to catch himself and Ra's at high speed using a sword with one hand.

Bane doesn't scream because he's doped up on pain killing gas. He doesn't feel it.

That explains why he got his a$$ kicked by Ra's,a guy much older than him.
Ehhh Ra's never kicked his ass except when Bruce first arrived at the LOS lair in the mountains.

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