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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
The only reason I've been "trouble" in this section is that Danoyse has a problem with me. She's already banned me before & I'm 100% she'll be happy to see me go.

You're completely wrong about me treating people with no respect. If that were true, I wouldn't talk to so many posters via PM as I do here. In fact, if you go through my post history I rarely argue with anyone except Danoyse. Go read through my posts. You'll find 90% are part of respectful debates. The other 10% are me getting my head chewed by Danoyse for being a snob.

Look, frankly, I can already tell you're not going to be impartial about this. I keep giving you legitimate statements on why I am undeserving of this treatment but you seem dead set on making an example out of me.

I'm tired of coming here already. Danoyse made this place inhabitable for me since day 1 and I see none of the mods here are willing to evaluate how she systematically damaged my reputation over time to the point where more mods are accusing me of behavior I haven't demonstrated.
No, you're attitude is what brings attention to you. You bully people on here and think yourself invincible. And it is for your attitude that I am banning you. Goodbye Alexei. You can go try and bully people on your other forums you frequent. Enjoy.

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