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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

***Can someone tell me how to get these images down to size? I keep trying to edit the post and scale them down, but when I save it just puts them back to normal. I apologize in advance***

Long time lurker. Been building my costume since late August.

I built the vest from a regular tactical vest. I cut half inch foam into the shapes for the plates on the vest. I covered them in pleather, painted then weathered them, and attached them to the vest. The vest has a zipper down the middle, so I attached one side of the big plate with spray adhesive and I used Velcro so secure the other side. It was pretty easy to get into.

The double belt//kidney belt was made from two belts wrapped in tan fabric with belts added on the top for detail. I bought the Alice quick release straps and added the red ties. Went to good will and bought every military-esque belt I could find to assemble the harness. no sewing was done. Everything was spray adhesive or fabric glue.

For the pants I just bought regular grey cargo pants, added weathered clips and straps to the pockets and added foam knee pads. Turned out better than expected. I don't have any pictures of that so far. Hopefully some will turn up. I had so many pictures taken with people.

I went the bald cap route. It turned out pretty well. Most people thought I had actually shaved my head until they got close enough to touch me.

This is the best picture I have as of now of the vest finished.

Templets for the plates


Almost there (note: the vest is not zipped up or secured down with Velcro so it looks a little wonky)

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