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Finally got round to re-reading 4-5, so I can finally give my verdict on 5, excellent stuff.

Pak seemed to imply that Xavier had a secret in issue 1 and his clash with "The Boss" was a bit heavy handed but reminded the us of this pretty well. The teamwork of Alison and Kurt has been the most enjoyable part of this series so far, it's cheesy, light-hearted and most of all fun. Dazzlers "pow pow" gun-hands panel from #4 is certainly the highlight of the arc for me, captures the tone of this series so well.

My only gripe I suppose is that things do happen very quickly. To a point I think this is a good thing, 2 and done stories are excellent and it means that Pak might actually get to finish his 10 Xaviers story before being cancelled however an extra issue in each arc so far would have fleshed them out quite nicely

The tone shifts to Kurt for the next two issues before a .1 issue (Already, are you serious marvel?). Really looking forward to learning a bit more about Kurt and obviously any further revelations from the mysterious head in a jar...

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