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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Exactly Whiskey, he has had 2 years worth of warnings, plenty of time for anyone to see the error of their ways.

Originally Posted by psyonic View Post
It's how it works around here unfortunately, I've been given infractions for speaking up to moderators because they actually tell people what they can or cannot say i.e. expressing their opinion. One accused me of trying to start a "little rebellion". Also I typed a "bad word", not at someone, not to offend anyone but just a way of expressing how I felt, that also got me an infraction for "inappropriate language". My favourite reason, out of all the rest, is "insubordination" .. LOL but seriously, I just skip over the posts by people who rub me the wrong way because this is the internet, who cares it's not a legit place to get mad or exercise authority over other people.
The problem was you were rude and obnoxious in "expressing yourself" and that isn't acceptable here. Bamf was very lenient with you given what a huge pain you were, and insubordination is simply the technical term for learn to quit while you are ahead, something I see you are still struggling with. The infractrion for inapproriate language was because we have a censor here, when you bypass it you get infracted, the fact you couldn't grasp this is not our fault. 95% of the posters on this site log in each day and have civil dicussions with never a bit of bother, but there are always wannabe johnny rebels who think they are within their rights to talk down to and harrass other posters, ignore the rules and then whine that they are victimized when they are punished.

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