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Default Re: Official X-MEN: LEGACY Discussion Thread

I'm trying to remember... when was her powers resolved? Wasn't that at the end of the Xavier run?

I liked the focus she got after Xavier, when she went from "my life is so sad" to being the mentor of the next generation. It showed character growth and her moving on with her life, and the Legacy bit still fit due to her training Xavier's legacy (the children). It's after that when she should have finished up. Post Age of X is when Legion should have been a more primary focus. It started that way and that arc or two was fantastic. If not Legion, then show Frenzy and the legacy the X-Men leave on the villains they've changed. But instead, it went back to Rogue for the next year or two and just dragged on.

What I would have liked to have see:

Xavier, the Rogue, then Legion, then Rachel (Jean's legacy once they went to the Jean Grey Academy).

Then if we HAD to have a relaunch... make it Cyclops centric with it dealing his being Xavier's first student and his realizing what he did in AvX, and atoning for it (much as Xavier did during his run).

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