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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Wait, what world is it that you live in where prequels are sequels??? On the planet I live on no one refers to any prequel as a sequel, and for good reason, the word sequel comes form the latin "sequi" meaning "to follow." And this "bizzare" method is called natural numbers. You may have forgotten it since you learned integers. The question is a valid one, and it highlights how none of the modern CBMs has ever continued the story forward after a Trilogy, and no CBM has done it with a movie that was not hated. (Thanks Quest for Peace and Batman & Robin!) That's an interesting observation.

I would say it's a toss up between X-Men and Iron Man... after DOFP, the X-Men franchise will probably be quite vibrant again, and if successful enough, they may go with an X-Men 4 instead of finishing a 'first class trilogy' so to speak. If for no other reason that to continue to explore Wolverine as he takes care of a bunch of young students as in the comics. Oy.

Iron Man, however, is most ripe, and may be X-Men as all it needs is RDJ to continue on as Tony Stark, something he's probably inclined to do. Additionally, it's possible that they can continue it with RDJ in a cameo capacity doing 'demon in a bottle' stuff while Rhodey rides the red and gold rocket, with RDJ simply reprising his Iron Man role in Avengers films. It all depends on how they do it.

A "prequel" is a sequel because it follows the prior films in the series in terms of having been produced after them. Prequels follow the original films because of the order in which they were produced, which of course fits the Latin origin of the word "sequel" perfectly. Most prequels would not have existed without the films that were made first and established the characters and their universe. For example, had there been no Star Wars, there would never have been a Phantom Menace. The same with that Wolverine movie, XFC, Prometheus, and a slew of other movies made to capitalize upon the success of established franchises.

About the only instance in which this is not the case is The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, because of course TH was written years in advance of LOTR.

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