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Default Re: The Prequel Trilogy General Discussion and Appreciation Thread

I really love AotC too, it's at the bottom of my Star Wars list but I still love it. Dooku was a very interesting character I thought and I loved Jango Fett. The Tatooine stuff was excellent. I thought Kamino was an awesome planet and the detective work Obi-Wan did there was great.

I loved the end on Geonosis with the Clone Wars starting. Love love love the part where Anakin duels Dooku with two blades (wish it were longer), I have to watch that part at least a couple times whenever I watch that duel. I also love the lighting during the Anakin Dooku duel where they are basically just lit up by the blades. The movie's not flawless by any means but I still very very much enjoy it.

I do enjoy Revenge of the Sith a lot more though.

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