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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Hi everyone, first of all, I've had a good search around and wasn't able to find a more appropriate thread for what I'm about to ask. If this is in the wrong place, then I apologise! But there's a lot of questions I feel need answered when it comes to the X-Men movies.

Firstly, as you can see I'm new here. So hi everyone! The name's Chris, and I'm from Newcastle, UK .

Basically, over the last few days, I decided to watch all of the current X-Men movies in order, starting with First Class, and ending with Last stand. I appreciate what I'm about to ask us likely to have been brought up on here on many occasions, so I apologise if this is the case.

Emma Frost: Is Kayla's sister (Emma) in Origins of Wolverine, Emma Frost?

Xavier: He lost the use of his legs in First Class on the beach at the end as a young man, yet was able to walk at the end of Origins of Wolverine (set after First Class) AND in a flashback on Last stand, both times hairless. While i'm talking about First Class, isn't Cyclops' brother supposed to be younger than him, yet was one of the main mutants on First Class?

These may be small things and people may think I'm nitpicking here. I also know First Class has been regarded by many as a reboot, yet Hugh Jackman makes a cameo appearance as Wolverine from the original series. Are we supposed to disregard Last Stand and The Origins of Wolverine and pretend they never happened?

There's too may small things in all of the movies likes the above that contradict each other.

I hope somebody can shed some light on the above. Again, I apologise if what I have asked has been covered elsewhere in detail.


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