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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Hmm... interesting. Prequels are a type of sequel. Hilarious. Well done.
Also, I wasn't spell checking you, I was pointing out how calling the first X-Men movie "X-Men 1" instead of "X-Men 2" because it's the second chronologically isn't actually bizarre at all. It's very natural.

Similarly, X-Men the Last Stand isn't called X-Men 4 by me, Psyclocke or anyone's definition. It's called X-Men 3. It doesn't get numbered as 4 by anyone. The question is will we see "X-Men 4" before "Iron Man 4" or "Avengers 4." That's the question...

And Psylocke was pretty explicit about what they meant by "X-Men 4" so why you think X-Men 3 or XMFC is X-Men 4 in their eyes shows you're not really reading for comprehension.

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