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Default BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

No i'm not really going to go into casting of batman and matters as such. Thats debated in another thread. just a simple, quick fire bullet-pointed list of various issues- was just interested to see where people stand on them.

NAME OF 1ST FILM: i'd be happy with 'THE BATMAN'. it's pretty simple and to the point. we can worry about more inventive names as the series goes on. I definitely want the word 'batman' in the title.

SERIES DURATION: i'd personally like to see atleast 5 films in this series preferably all with the same actor playing batman.

BAT-SUIT: i prefer the all-black rubber/kevlar look of the movies. but i've been doing alot of reaing on blogs/forums and there seems to be alot of people that want a return to the dark cape/cowl mixed with grey body look. i personally think this would look stupid on the big screen. what is your opinion?

ROBIN PARTICIPATION: I personally think on the big screen batman works best alone. but i wouldn't say no to robin but i wud keep batman alone at least for 2 films. i wouldn't have a 3rd partner (batgirl) in under any circumstances. a dynamic duo is more than enough IMO. where do u stand? would u have robin in straight away? would u have batgirl in? would u avoid both & go straight to nightwing? would u keep partners out altogether from the series?

JOKER PARTCIPATION: i agree that we need some distance from the whole ledger tragedy but u simply cannot keep Batmans main arch-villan out of the entire series. I say bring him in maybe by film 4 which will be in the mid 2020s most likely. i would also say don't kill him off- try and keep him in at least 2 of the reboot films.

GOTHAM CITY: what was your favourite gotham? Burtons Gothic city? Schumachers neon Gotham or Nolans modern skyscraper-like Gotham.
Personally i'd like to see a city which is 80% burtons gotham & 20% Nolans gotham.

ORIGIN STORY: i think most agree it shouldn't be an origin story but when do u suggest the start date? i personally would still like it to be early on in his career. i'd probably start it about 5/6 months in to his batman career?

BATMOBILE: The tumbler was good but personally i'd go back to a more fancy, sleeker design.

1st MOVIE VILLAINS: who would your crooks be in the first film. I'd have 3 to start the series off with a bang. Hugo Strange, Killer Croc & i'd bring back the riddler. and they'd be the obvious mafia hanging round in the background aswell

DIRECTOR: who would you like to direct the movie? IMO i'd go with any anyone who will still make the film dark, series and gothic. Just anything that isn't like the laughable Batman & Robin (the one bad film in the series IMO). I'd like a mix of the Burton films + the Nolan films- with a few new, fresh ideas here and there from the new director.

* one last thing. one MUST for this series is denzel washington- possibly lucius fox or even more controversially as commissioner gordon (as one blogger i read suggested). The warner bros studios should try and start tapping him up now. also michael madsen, ray liotta, joaquin phoneix & john travolta r some high-profile targets i'd like to see in this series.

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