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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
no. they aren't just going to pull characters from no where for avengers 2. again, unless enchantress and executioner appear in thor (which they probably won't) they won't be in an avengers movie...

IF we get the MoE, it will be a variation of these characters most likely

Radioactive Man

a variation of these guys.

Marvel studios isn't going to just pull characters out of thin air. Especially since Thanos IS confirmed for Avengers 2. If he assembles, some sort of MoE, then said characters will already be introduced during Phase 2.
Yeah, if MoE ever assemble onscreen, it's going to be most likely villains we've already seen. That's the whole point of the MoE --- it's a bunch of the individual heroes' personal archvillains teaming up to get revenge.

That's why I think it's unlikely and unwise to even consider the MoE for a works in the comics because you've had years or decades to get to know these villains in the solo comics; you don't have that luxury in just a film or two in the MCU. While it made fanboys giddy to see, say, Zemo (Cap villain) team up with Enchantress (Thor villain) and Abomination (Hulk villain) and Melter (Iron Man villain) in the comics, I somehow doubt casual moviegoers are *really* going to want to see a whole host of frankly lame movie villains come back in some frankly lame team-up.

That's jumping the (Tiger) Shark territory for Avengers.


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