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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Youtube is full of dumbass, stupid, illiterate commenters and keyboard warriors and trolls. If you look at most YouTube comments most of them are sick, disgusting garbage and should not be taken seriously.

bigdaddy you don't even know what you are talking about. Ultimate Spider-man had a serial plot. They just did a two part finale that they were really building to all season.

A level of maturity is nice but these shows are geared to kids, pre-teens and young teens moreso than adults. The key demos are 6-14 male.

Time and time again is false. Not every show has to be serialized stories in order to be good. BTAS which was a fantastic series was mostly episodic, one-off stories many of which didn't have to be viewed in order.
Do you know what the finale proved, it proved that the show had a waste of opportunity. That finale would have being a good mid season finally, putting the show for kids is a bad move especially with super heroes, brave and the bold was a more mature written fun show and it was still cancelled for a more story driven, darker, more mature base.

I am not saying Episodic is bad, but serial is always better and more engaging and time and time again it has been proven with young justice, legends of korra, wolverine and the x-men, JLU, X-men the animated series, Spider-man the animated series, spectacular spider-man and EMHS.

Ultimate spider-man proved that going to the kiddie rout is bad idea and what even made it worse is, it was a dumb down writing, which even writing for kids is no excuse for that, hence the backlash which was so big it reached IGN, newsarama and many other social media sight.

And when you are trying to make a point, watch the way you talk to me and show some respect and CALM THE £$&* DOWN!

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