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Default // X-Manips Competition #1 : The future \\

Hi yall!....... remember those good times?

I was searching for old threads and found all the competitions we had back in the day, post X3, and didnt remember we had so many, lol there were some cool stuff and some funny manips too

Here are all the past competitions, in case some of you want to remember all or part of the work made:

I thought would be cool to have some fun again until the release of Days of future past....

so Here is the first competition of this new era:

__________________________________________________ _________



Do a manip set in the future timeline of Days of future past with only ONE or TWO x-men from original trilogy (XO: Wolverine included).


* One entry per person.
* Must be a digital manipulation.
* Post ONLY the final result.
* No alternate or multiple versions. (you can share it on the manips thread instead)
* You cannot submit an entry that has been previously posted in the past.
* Do not use someone else's manips, regardless of whether you had permission or if you just didn't know.
* Two characters at most


Contest will end on December 10.

__________________________________________________ _________

Ok, guys, Lets get the work started!

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