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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
The show is a hit and kids like it.
In the UK, maybe.

What IGN writes isn't the be all end all. They've been horrendously inconsistent and lacking as of late.
Much like USM's writing quality.

Just to prove my point you still tuned in and watched the finale bigdaddy. You won't miss an episode just like you won't miss an episode of Avengers Assemble.
Originally Posted by bigdaddy313 View Post
I am a marvel fan who doesn't give up on any marvel show no matter what they have done or do while others are not watching it.
This is only part where I agree with TheVileOne, though. You're not helping with the problem if you keep consuming the product. Even if it is later on, rather than the premiere, you're STILL consuming the product you dislike. Nothing sends the message to Marvel better if you show that, as a consumer and costumer, you are unhappy with the product Marvel is producing, and refuse to do business with them until the quality improves.

I stopped watching pretty early when I realized that I could be doing something else with my time, and only tuned in to the finale. It did improve, yet still showed the same weak writing that kept the show from being good.

Don't attack people for sharing their minds and concerns, you sound more like a childish brat and a Marvel fanboy like we are not fans of Marvel.
Agreed with this as well. I still enjoy the films that Marvel is producing, and still keep in touch with some of the comics. But a lot of people have the right to be wary and skeptical about Marvel Animation after USM.

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