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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Speaking of Thor, power, and Loki, I really enjoyed the Loki-Thor fights but really, shouldn't Thor have been SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than Loki and beat him down much more easily than he did? It seems like Loki held his own pretty well in all their fights so far, and that's not really that in sync with their supposed physical power levels. Although perhaps a reason could be Thor is holding back because he doesn't really want to kill his little bro. Come to think of it, Loki should have made more of a crater/line in the ground when Thor threw him into the mountain and he slid a ways. Unless, again, he was actually going a little easier on him than first thought.
Thor and Loki didn't really fight hand to hand, they were using weapons and they were just parrying each other's blows. There was hardly any punches or grappling in their fights which would've showcased their strength difference much more

Whenever melee and grappling took place Thor was the clear superior as evidenced by tossing/slamming Loki in both fights.

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