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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
My hatred for Harley comes mostly from her popularity,I feel there are other more deserving characters than her and she's only recognized because of the Joker.She's also one dimensional and stupid,how can one be so hopelessly in love? it's so pathetic.Then there's the fact that she makes Joker look tame I dunno but from 1999-2007(the years where they were together) Joker was just a punk who was a part of terrible stories(Last Laugh) or playing second fiddle to the new guys(Hush,Red Hood) or the revamped old guys(Black Mask,Riddler).Then Morrison comes along separates them and the Joker is back in form. She just damages him IMO.
Some ways she makes him look even more sicko with some of the things he does to her and the way he treats her.

Freeze and Two-Face I dislike because they're one trick ponies,there's really nothing to do with Freeze in the comics and why is he a gangster? I love Harvey's tragic angle/origin but his turn to villainy(or should I say his particular type of villainy) leaves me cold.
Freeze has a great story. Did you not see the dying wife origin?

Dent is like crazy. Split personality. Obsessed with two's. Ya have Poison Ivy on your favs list. If ya can buy into a crazy eco terrorist plant lady then ya can buy into split personality psychosis after horrible physical trauma.

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