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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I like that, that's cleaner. I still see Hammer around, either in his own suit or controlling some drones. It also helps with the outnumbering problem a smaller Masters of Evil would have, especially with the Avengers adding 1 or 2 to their roster.

Hmmm... individual pitch moments could be interesting, and it could also show the brilliance of Thanos/Red Skull in getting the right order of people. Abomination and Kurse would probably go for 'Evil' pretty quickly, being they are of the aformentioned thuggish variety, while Crossbones and especially Radioactive Man are in it for other reasons.

On Red Skull

While I like Zemo and respect the comics, the plain fact is that if the Cube does open 'on the other end' then Red Skull went straight to Thanos 50 years ago. He's Thanos' foremost resource and most accessible agent for manipulating humanity. It only makes sense he'd send Skull. There's really no better plot point for Red Skull to come back on.

I just hope they can get Hugo Weaving to get over himself, give him something to chew on, some nefarious twisted 'gospel' to preach and let him do it up.
Thing is, I'd prefer the Masters of Evil to not be Thanos-related. Like, once the dust has settled and the alien menace is defeated, you have some human, like Zemo, rising up and saying the Avengers showed how the world is different now, and he's here to show the consequences of that. That's more interesting to me.

Plus, if Thanos is looking to get more directly involved in Earth's affairs, I don't want to see him working through proxies like the Masters. Doesn't really feel like him, and we already got a bit of that with Loki.

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