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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Some ways she makes him look even more sicko with some of the things he does to her and the way he treats her.

Freeze has a great story. Did you not see the dying wife origin?

Dent is like crazy. Split personality. Obsessed with two's. Ya have Poison Ivy on your favs list. If ya can buy into a crazy eco terrorist plant lady then ya can buy into split personality psychosis after horrible physical trauma.
It would be true if it were'nt so ridiculously played out.

Freeze's origin story(Nora version) is frankly the only reason he's still in existence,DC had him killed a while before Heart of Ice debuted and after that it's the same story with him.

Ivy is consistent,Dent is'nt.It's not a question of a believability,and IIRC Dent was never intended to be a recurring foe.There's a reason why Nolan killed him in TDK,imagine Harvey showing up in TDKR and robbing banks.Yeah destroys all character development.

Harvey Dent=Great character,Two-Face=Lousy character.

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