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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Yep and Talia was about 8 years old. Add 12-15 years that's early 20's. Add 20 more years onto that and that's in his 40's.

Simple math is simple.

Yup he did. So he never even got to finish the training either.

What's the point ya are trying to make?

Nope, if Ra's wasn't running the LOS then he could have excommunicated Bane could he. It wouldn't be his call if he wasn't running the show to decide who stays and who goes.

Ra's said Bruce was his greatest student. No escape from that fact.

So what? How does that mean he was wrong about Bruce's condition? He's a doctor. What the hell did Nolan put that scene in the movie for except to tell the audience Bruce's body is in crap shape. Why was Alfred so opposed to Bruce being Batman, it was cos he wasn't in the physical shape to be the Batman he used to be. He said it himself that strapping up his leg and getting new gadgets doesn't make him what he used to be.

Nolan didn't put all that in for giggles. Bruce was a wreck. That's why Bane won the first fight. Like in Knightfall. Simple.

Wearing armor, too.

She was a kick ass fighter who could handle thugs as good as Batman. Point is Batman had help taking them on. He wasn't doing it alone.


He had nowhere to be stealthy on a big open rooftop. Different from a dock yard full of huge metal containers to hide around and in.

Ehhh three of Lau's men in a dark office where he can duck and hide vs like 20 LOS men all armed. Standing out in an open rooftop with nowhere to hide. And Selina's ass to rescue, too.

Yeah that's the same. Not.

I saw the movie. Ra's got pulled onto the ground and defeated. He didn't fight back. He lay there and accepted his defeat.

Yup that's why it doesn't count.

There ain't no smoke on him. His body ain't blackish. His clothes are ripped cos he jumped through a window or something getting out to safety. If he was in the explosion he'd be charred and burned and dripping in blood.

Didn't know what?

Yup it matters. You don't show pain if you don't feel it do ya? Easy when you're high on pain killing gas that makes ya numb to it.


To show how he can be easily pwned when he's not fighting a weakened Batman like in Rises and Knightfall.

Joker ain't going around saying he is better than Batman and can physically break him. Bane can only do that by cheating with unfair advantages. Then when he gets pwned he ties Batman up and tries to shoot him.

What a cowardly sore loser.

For like 5 seconds before nearly twisting the guys arm out of it's socket and pwning him.
Bruce and Talia are in their 30's,even before the movie was released it was stated that the flashback sequences happened 30 years before Begins(bit vague sure),so if Bruce and Talia are in their mid-late 30's then Bane is in his early-mid 50's.

Again all I'm saying is that even if Bane worked his ass off,Ra's would have still hated him,that's the point I'm trying to make.If Ra's treated both Bruce and Bane equally then yeah his greatest student statement would've had some weight,his judgement is clouded by bias and emotions when dealing with Bane.

He's a doctor in a movie where Bruce healed from his back condition with a bunch of ropes,actual experts have concluded that a man trying to fly like Batman would kill himself attempting to land.Sorry I'm not going to give any weight to a bunch of statements,show me these so called awful injuries.

The difference between Knightfall and TDKR is clear as day and night,in Knightfall Bruce looked completely gassed out while fighting Bane.TDKR Batman on the otherhand destroyed mercs armed with assault rifles on his way to meet Bane.

Was'nt talking about the roof tops,I was referring to the sewers where he ran straight in to the guy using the assault rifle,waaaay better than hiding from 2 guys using pistols on him.

Ra's did not get pulled on to the ground,it was Batman who got pulled on to the ground,Batman just flipped places while Ra's was looking at the controls and Ra's accepted defeat cause he had no means of escaping from that position,unlike Batman he does'nt have a cape.

Or something getting to safety? seriously.You're just gonna make a random assumption? it's clear he was partially caught in the explosion.The building exploded while Bane was still in it,look at scan no 5.The guy who posted those scans on CV himself believes it.

Batman did'nt know about Bane's weakness.

The gas does'nt enhance him,it keeps the pain of an injury that could kill him in check.It also has it demerits,it's not like Bane is using it in a perfectly healthy condition.And he still punched through the concrete without it.

Nope not denial, fact.

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