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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by AnneFan View Post
All I know is that Bane was owned by two batpod cannons driven by a woman wearing a skintight black costume.
How embarrassing.

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
Bruce and Talia are in their 30's
Bruce had a 30th birthday in Batman Begins. Rises is 8 years after TDK.

Simple math is simple.

even before the movie was released it was stated that the flashback sequences happened 30 years before Begins(bit vague sure)
Where's your proof? Show me the money.

Again all I'm saying is that even if Bane worked his ass off,Ra's would have still hated him,that's the point I'm trying to make.If Ra's treated both Bruce and Bane equally then yeah his greatest student statement would've had some weight,his judgement is clouded by bias and emotions when dealing with Bane.
But ya don't know that it's clouded with judgement and bias. In fact it can't be since in Begins Bane was not even decided on as a character when they wrote that scene. It ain't retconned now just cos you want to deny that Ra's didn't mean it just to make Bane look like the better LOS member.

He's a doctor in a movie where Bruce healed from his back condition with a bunch of ropes,actual experts have concluded that a man trying to fly like Batman would kill himself attempting to land.Sorry I'm not going to give any weight to a bunch of statements,show me these so called awful injuries.
He's a doctor in a movie verse where Harvey Dent can walk around with half his skull showing from burns, too. That doesn't make the Doc's scene invalid cos you want to again rewrite the movie to try and make your point valid. The Doc scene was put in cos Nolan wanted to tell the audience how much Bruce has fallen out of shape in his 8 year retirement and why Alfred's concern about him is justified.

If the Doc said Bruce's body is in really bad shape that he can't go skiing then that's how it is. Fact.

The difference between Knightfall and TDKR is clear as day and night,in Knightfall Bruce looked completely gassed out while fighting Bane.TDKR Batman on the otherhand destroyed mercs armed with assault rifles on his way to meet Bane.
Ehhhh no. In Knightfall Bruce was wrecked from fighting all the villains from Arkham. In Rises Bruce wasn't the Batman he was any more because his body was wrecked, he needed his leg strapped, Alfred walked out on him because he wasn't Batman any more and was putting his life in danger doing it.

Same circumstances. Weak disadvantaged Bruce taking on Bane. The mercs he took out with distractions from Selina, she took out some, too, and by using stealth.

Was'nt talking about the roof tops,I was referring to the sewers where he ran straight in to the guy using the assault rifle,waaaay better than hiding from 2 guys using pistols on him.
Yup. Stealth in a dark tunnel where the only time ya saw Batman was when the guy shot his gun. Easy take down.

Ra's did not get pulled on to the ground,it was Batman who got pulled on to the ground,Batman just flipped places while Ra's was looking at the controls and Ra's accepted defeat cause he had no means of escaping from that position,unlike Batman he does'nt have a cape.
Ehhh no, Batman turned the tables and pulled Ra's onto the ground, and Ra's accepted defeat and ask if Batman was gonna now kill him.

Or something getting to safety? seriously.You're just gonna make a random assumption?
Heh funny from the one who says the Doctor scene and the Ra's Al Ghul's line are invalid even though they said in the movie.

I ain't making an assumption. His mask and a bit of his shirt is torn. That's all there is. A big ass explosion like that would have skewered him more than that. He ain't Superman. Worst he came out with was some ripped clothing. Not even even a drop of blood on him.

Batman did'nt know about Bane's weakness.
So what? He was hammering his face off in that fight. Had him on the floor pounding his face at one point. Did nothing to the mask. It obviously ain't that easy to break those pipe thingies like you say.

The gas does'nt enhance him,it keeps the pain of an injury that could kill him in check.It also has it demerits,it's not like Bane is using it in a perfectly healthy condition.And he still punched through the concrete without it.
I didn't say the gas enhanced him mon ami I'm telling ya it numbs pain. Keeps it at bay is what that old guy in the pit said. So if pain is kept at bay from gas then why would Batman's punches hurt him worse than the injuries being numbed away by that gas.

Yeah doesn't make sense does it.

Nope not denial, fact.
Fact you can't prove. So it ain't no fact.

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