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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
So you're saying Disney paid 4 billion dollars for Star Wars and its various franchising rights in order to...break even? Not to make a profit? That would be pretty stupid business management, wouldn't it? I assume they will be making something like 20-30 billion dollars with Star Wars over the next few decades.

It was worth 4 billion dollars to George Lucas. He doubled his net worth instantly. He's getting old and looking to retire from big film making and make personal projects. That's why he sold Star Wars for significantly less than the franchise is worth. That's why I doubt Disney could repeat the same thing with these two franchises for only 4 billion dollars: they're worth more than 4 billion dollars to Fox.
Disney spent 4 billion to acquire the entire Marvel company; what makes you think that the film rights of X-Men and FF would worth the same as Marvel? And despite how well-received FC was, it still made less than X2 & X3, and FF's two movies have had rather disappointing box office returns, and Fox just wanted to reboot the franchise rather than making a third. To suggest that these two alone would worth 4 billion is rather ludacrous.

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