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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by badgrammar View Post
Dude Batman almost got knock the F out by that thug.
Ya call one sucker punch to the face and Joker kicking him with a shoe knife nearly getting knocked out. Nope. He didn't even come close to that. He dislocated that thug's arm and knocked Joker back, then took out the rest of Joker's men.

My point is that Batman is human and can get knock the F out in a fair fight. Stop acting like if it's imposable for Bane to beat him in a fair fight.
Sorry if history doesn't agree with you.

Bane is part of the Batman’s rouge gallery. He is not from Marval comics. He is not a villain of Captain America, he is not spawn. He is not Superman. So why the F do you get sooooo upset if Bane beats up Batman in a fight or if people talk about it?
Heh who's getting upset? I ain't the one swearing to make my point. You're the one with ants in your pants not moi.

I don't get upset if Bane beats Batman in a fight cos I know he only wins cos he had unfair advantages. He never wins in a fair and square fight. That's wy he was gonna shoot Batman when he was tied up at the end. He knew Batman was his superior. So he was gonna gun him down like a coward.

Do you want all the Bat villains to be borring????
Yeah. That would be awesome. Boring villains. Who wouldn't love that?

If you’re a hardcore Batman fan then you would be proud to have a Villian like Bane in batman’s rouge gallery, and you would not be offended if he was able to beat Batman in a fair fight.
He never beat Batman in a fair fight. Fact.

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