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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
It would be true if it were'nt so ridiculously played out.
How so ridiculous?

Freeze's origin story(Nora version) is frankly the only reason he's still in existence,DC had him killed a while before Heart of Ice debuted and after that it's the same story with him.
Yup Freeze beofre BTAS sucked. Now he's an awesome villain. If you're hating on pre BTAS Freeze then I get ya. But not post BTAS Freeze. He's awesome.

Ivy is consistent
Ivy is best buds with Harley Quinn like some Thelma and Louise duo.

Dent is'nt.

It's not a question of a believability,and IIRC Dent was never intended to be a recurring foe.
Neither was Joker. He was supposed to be killed off originally.

There's a reason why Nolan killed him in TDK
Means nothing. Great villains get killed off all the time in CBM movies. Movies are a finite universe. It ain't the comics where they can come back again and again every few months.

imagine Harvey showing up in TDKR and robbing banks.Yeah destroys all character development.
That's cos Nolan's Two Face was driven by revenge.

Harvey Dent=Great character,Two-Face=Lousy character.
You're half right. Very appropriate since we're talking about Two Face.

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