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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Disclaimer: Fan-fiction ahead

I don't like the idea of a physical time traveler. It takes away so much of the realism that was established in the first films. I very much prefer Xavier's psyche being transferred to his younger self via Cerebro.

IMO the story should equally be in 2 parts, the future and past:

It should start with the future scenario where Xavier's "twin" is being smuggled by the former x-men into the old mansion where the remains of Cerebro is kept. NY is on lock down as it is under quarantine after the all-out war led by the re-powered Magneto between mutants and the Sentinel-powered government. It goes without saying that the Sentinels won.

The Sentinel program had secretly gone live following the San Francisco incident. Tracking had become very easy after a database of known mutants was built with Xavier's involuntary help in X2.

So the main struggle for future X-men is basically to survive while getting "Charles" to Cerebro as their last resort to change the past and their present. Going back to the 60's is not actually important. Let's just say that that was a random pick by Cerebro.

For the past portion, this gets a little tricky as it is decades before the future era. No incident can be used to serve as catalyst for green-lighting the sentinel program, otherwise X1 - X3 would've already witnessed the results of that past action.

Therefore, I'm in the assumption that Xavier is travelling to the past not to stop an event, but to kill somebody - somebody who has perpetuated the human-mutant divide through the years.

I'm thinking that that should be the main twist in the plot. For the 60's era, we are led to think that Charles is supposed to stop Erik from assassinating JFK. In the end, JFK still gets killed - by a non-mutant. Erik life hangs in Charles's hand but instead of killing him, he wipes away his memory.

Back to the future, everything remains the same.

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