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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

I think it might be cool that instead of calling herself Captain Marvel she is actually calling herself the Kree translation "Mar-Vell" and the media and SHIELD and Avengers call her Marvel. And Maybe she tries to correct them a few times, but not make it a running joke. Just an explanation why she calls herself Marvel. And why would she call herself the same name as Mar-Vell in the 1st place? I get to honor him, but in a 2 hour movie it might come across as a little odd that she calls herself the name of her dead friend. So they might need a scene to explain why. Like maybe Mar-Vell tells her the Kree honor their fallen heroes by taking their name to sort of continue their memory. Or maybe the media is interviewing her and asks her her name and she says Captain Mar-Vell saved the day meaning Mar-Vell and not her and the name sticks like she was talking about herself in the 3rd person. Because Thor's name is Thor. The media calls Tony Iron Man and he likes it, Steve is Captain America as a promotional tool like Uncle Sam or Yankee Doodle or something. And the name sticks because he saves soldiers and becomes a symbol. Hawkeye is code named but they really just call him the Hawk in the Avengers. I don't remember ever hearing anyone call her Black Widow in the Avengers at all. So how should Carol get the name Captain Marvel? Should they just call her Carol most of the time since she probably wont have a mask? Or should it be a scene like the Avengers are asking her her codename for their records so they never use her real name and she picks Captain Mar-Vell to honor Mar-Vell and they write down her name as Captain Marvel?

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