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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
And I agree with that; I just meant that it wouldn't hurt for Earth to have Thor on it more often since I'm sure there would be Earth Based disasters or events that could use Thor's abilities to help prevent it without Thor crossing a line of becoming a dictator like being.

I mean case in point, if Odin had known about how much trouble the Cube was back on Earth during Steve Rogers time in the 40's, where people like Hydra were using it to start wars and such, then shouldn't it have been Odin's responsibility to retrieve the cube back then in order to avoid further bloodshed?

So I'm just getting that without overdoing it, Thor could be on Earth more often instead of just only appearing when the big bad things happen from outside of it.
Ya. But at that point I would think he has to have the power to open portals at that point

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I agree. It's good for Earth's growth to tackle its own problems to the extent it can, with Thor there to assist if threats emerge that are beyond Earth's current capability.

That could also possibly be a reason why he doesn't exercise his full power when fighting alongside the rest of the Avengers, and let some of the others appear to be the key members. He's not trying to do the task for them, but rather keep everyone from being overwhelmed.
and simply not wanting to harm in the hulk fight.

The only time we really saw Thor kind of cutting loose was in the frost giant fight. And when he destroyed what seemed like a city size landscape. A feat which, in my opinion, is the biggest display of power we have seen, and has yet to be matched by anyone in the MCU so far. I feel like that's over looked, he destroyed a city size land scape in one hit.

Honestly, if he cuts loose and fights like that, Thor may be able to hold his own against the other avengers combined lol

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