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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Thing is, I'd prefer the Masters of Evil to not be Thanos-related. Like, once the dust has settled and the alien menace is defeated, you have some human, like Zemo, rising up and saying the Avengers showed how the world is different now, and he's here to show the consequences of that. That's more interesting to me.

Plus, if Thanos is looking to get more directly involved in Earth's affairs, I don't want to see him working through proxies like the Masters. Doesn't really feel like him, and we already got a bit of that with Loki.
That does sound interesting, very TDK-ish, but I don't think you can use them in Avengers 2 or 3 without them being Thanos related, and I think that can still be their motivation even if they are Thanos related. And everything other than him personally putting hands on the Avengers is using a proxy, there's plenty room to present something different in that gap. Just because Thanos gives them a push, or a leader doesn't mean that they're using his weapons and army to achieve his goals, for instance.

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