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Default Visual Effects in Avengers Sequels

Hey, since "The Avengers 2" is coming up, I feel we should discuss who should provide visual effects for the sequels.

ILM and Weta, the two main effects vendors in the first one, would be key in helping out on the visual effects in the next film, and Luma Pictures, Digital Domain, [hy*drau"lx] and Method Studios could help out, too, but I kinda feel that effects companies like Tippett Studio, Moving Picture Company, Cinesite and Atomic Fiction giving a hand to the effects in the next films we'll see, like with Tippett helping ILM, Weta and Luma in creating much of the effects, focusing mostly on creature effects as well as having its own sequence it can do all the effects in, and Atomic Fiction sharing digital environment and vehicle/ship visual effects.

Who do you think should return to do the effects in the Avengers sequels, and who do you want to join the Avengers initiative (so to speak) and help on the visual effects?

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