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Default Re: Famke Janssen as Madelyne Pryor?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
She could come back, either reincarnated as Madelyne, or just as Jean/Phoenix, without needing to use clones.

Resurrection and the Phoenix go hand in hand.

Where did the Phoenix get all that energy from? A cosmic lifeforce perhaps?

And since energy can not be destroyed, under the laws of physics, it has to go somewhere.

A smart writer could find a way to do it. And Bryan could make it seem believable, I'm sure. That's the skill he has with this franchise. Sometimes that's also a bad thing in making the characters too restrained (Storm, Rogue, Cyclops), but it's also a good thing in making way-out stuff seem realistic and believable.
I agree that Singer could do it justice, but he could do it with any arc too.

I personally dont think a known actor from past movies playing a new character is a good idea at all. I mean, its cool for a tv show, but for the X-men cinematic universe.... mmm, dont feel like it would match with first two movies at all. And many general viewers would be confused and probably wouldnt like it.

Having Jean resurrecting on X3 was one thing, its an iconic story of the x-men... but to have her playing another character now its another thing, he

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