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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
That does sound interesting, very TDK-ish, but I don't think you can use them in Avengers 2 or 3 without them being Thanos related, and I think that can still be their motivation even if they are Thanos related. And everything other than him personally putting hands on the Avengers is using a proxy, there's plenty room to present something different in that gap. Just because Thanos gives them a push, or a leader doesn't mean that they're using his weapons and army to achieve his goals, for instance.
Why not? Just conclude Thanos' story in Avengers 2 and have the Masters of Evil be a different story in Avengers 3.

Maybe it's just me, but all these ideas to have Thanos be involved from behind the scenes seem to exist solely to rationalize Thanos being involved with the Masters so everything could be tied together. If Thanos takes a direct, active interest in the Earth then I don't see him working through proxies anymore, I see him getting his hands dirty. That's the kind of guy he is. Plus, his goals would completely overshadow those of anyone working for him if he were actually in the movie. I don't see how it's necessary for Thanos to have a connection to the MoE and it would probably work better if he didn't.

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